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Sam diagnosed with 22q13.2
Sam had kidney surgery for renal reflux grade 4 at Carolinas Medical. 
Hospitalized for 4 days.  They performed renal implantation.
Sam meets with the SC Gov. Mark Sanford.  Proclaimation is signed declaring Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Week.
Sam begins experiencing seizures.  These are considered partial seizures where he "zones" out, then ususally throws up and must sleep for long periods of time.  The after effects are ususally a strong headache the next day.
Kim McCrea of WYFF4 does news story on Sam and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.    Link to watch the video!
Sam attends his first day at Meyer Center for Special Children.  He is bused to and from school and attends The Goddard School in the afternoons.
Sam learns to wave bye-bye and slapping "5".  Sam receives his gait trainer equipment to help him in walking and balance.
Sam is approved to start the fundraising efforts for a SERVICE DOG.  See Donation page for details.
Kevin Dixon decides to honor Sam by running Myrtle Beach Marathon in Feb. 2009.
Sam begins to feed himself.  He loves Pancakes, Hotdogs and Cherrios.
Sam meets fundraising goal at 4PawsforAbility.org  Sam had to raise $13K for the organization in order to receive the service dog.  GOAL MET!  Sam will go to Xenia, OH for 2 weeks in June to train and receive the service dog.
The Goddard School, the afterschool that Sam attends, provided a fundraiser in Sam's honor.  They sold coupon books and all profits went to the 22q13 Deletion Foundation.
Sycamore Ridge Subdivision's Ladies Bunco holds Bunco game with proceeds going to Meyer Center for Special Children, the school Sam goes to for Therapy and learning. Thank you Patti Walker for making this happen!
Kevin Dixon runs marathon and is sponsored by many. Funds were raised for Sam's service dog.
Sam is notified by 4Paws for Ability that he is in the June 2009 training class.
Sam is notified that SITKA, a golden retriever from the Alaska littler, will be his new Service Dog.
Sam and family go to Xenia, OH for 2 weeks of dog training.  He meets lots of new friends like Emma and her dog Levi, Devin and her dog Homer, Cody and his dog Polly.
Sam loses his first tooth.  The front left tooth became loose from a fall he experienced about 6 months earlier.
Sam's service dog SITKA becomes FAMOUS!  She is discussed and pictured in a book titled Dog Heroes: Seizure Dogs.
Sam loses 2nd tooth
Sam can hold items with dropping.  Loves bananas!
Sam starts on Methatonin for Sleeping.  Will have Sleep Study done in March.
Sam is a regular at Wild Wing, Greenville.  He has a new girlfriend, Tessa, that makes sure he is well taken care of and gets his food REALLY FAST!

Sam breaks clavical at school

Sam receives arm braces so he does not chew his hands.  And new leg braces so he can walk in hopes that his hips will begin to align.
It has been a while since I have updated you on Sam.  He is now 7 years old.  He goes to a special school called Washington Center and is doing very well.  He rides an adaptive bike and enjoys the playground.  He receives ABA thereapy along with PT, OT and ST.  He continues to wear orthotics and will have leg surgery this spring at Shriners for hip and kness that have become dysplastic.